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Study the word list: Academic Vocabulary 1

Academic Vocabulary IELTS

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analyse British English spelling
Can you analyse these results for me?
He wrote an analysis of the piece of music.
The analyst gave the results of the test conducted in the laboratory. *
An analytic person is needed to carry out this job. *
A more analytical approach was needed. *
The probabilities can be derived analytically. *
You have to analyse the results carefully. *
Approach the dog with caution.
People tend to be more approachable in positive working environments. *
The incidence of crime in the area was high.
We need to assess this situation before we continue.
The proposition must be assessable as true or false. *
The assessment of your work will be continuous.
Don't assume I will have time to help you!
Some data has been assumed taking into account the questionnaires. *
Assuming that the treaty is ratified, what are the implications? *
Certain assumptions have been made about the market trends. *
Canonical: accepted as being accurate and authoritative. *
I don't have the authority to answer your question.

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