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Study the word list: Characters in Beowulf

Seamus Heaney's translation of Beowulf brings to life the ancient epic with poetic beauty and linguistic prowess. It tells the tale of the heroic warrior Beowulf, who battles formidable monsters, including Grendel and his vengeful mother, showcasing themes of bravery, honour, and the timeless struggles of human existence.

Beowulf Beowulf, a fearless Geatish warrior, displays his valour and sets out to confront the monstrous Grendel.
Hrothgar Hrothgar, the wise and respected Danish king, seeks Beowulf's aid in defending his people against Grendel's terror.
Grendel Grendel, a fearsome and bloodthirsty monster, terrorises the kingdom of Hrothgar.
Mother Grendel's mother, a powerful and vengeful creature, seeks retribution for her son's death and engages in a harrowing battle against Beowulf.
Wiglaf Wiglaf, Beowulf's loyal and courageous kinsman, stands by his side in the climactic battle against the dragon.
Unferth Unferth, a Danish warrior, initially challenges Beowulf's prowess but later admires his heroic deeds.
Hrothulf Hrothulf, Hrothgar's nephew, represents a potential threat within the royal family, testing loyalties and alliances.
Wealhtheow Wealhtheow, Hrothgar's queen, displays grace and diplomacy, making a significant impact on the events that unfold.
Hygelac Hygelac, Beowulf's uncle and king of the Geats, plays a role in shaping Beowulf's destiny and kingdom.
Hildeburh Hildeburh, a tragic figure caught in a feud between the Danes and the Frisians, endures heart-wrenching loss.
Ecgtheow Ecgtheow, Beowulf's noble and respected father, leaves a legacy of honor and bravery that influences his heroic son.
Freawaru Freawaru, Hrothgar's daughter, serves as a symbol of fragile alliances and potential peace between rival tribes, her presence holding the hopes of reconciliation.
Dragon The dragon, an ancient and fierce creature, becomes Beowulf's final adversary in a battle of epic proportions.

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