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Study the word list: i-e words - set 1

One way of spelling the long /i/ sound is by adding the letter e to the end of the word. You can practise spelling the long i sound by working through this list of i-e words.

Word list: i-e words - set 1

hide We can play hide and seek.
wide The new road will have four wide lanes.
bride The bride wore a long white veil.
pile He put the clean washing in a pile.
crime The detective must prove who committed the crime.
time There's no time to waste.
fine The table was laid with fine silverware.
shine He polished the silverware to make it shine.
spine She suffered an injury to her spine.
ripe Are the apples ripe yet?
stripe A red stripe was painted down the middle of the wall.
rise I like to rise at six every morning.
wise The doctor gave me some very wise counsel.
quite It's quite a long way to walk.
dive Are you going to dive into the pool?
fire The flames of the fire kept us warm.
wire The wire on the plug is loose.
kite I love to fly my kite.
file Please attach this file to the email.
tribe The tribe elected a chief.

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