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Study the word list: Food, seafood

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Word list: Food, seafood

catfish A catfish is freshwater fish with barbels like whiskers around the mouth.
salmon A salmon is a large fish that's used for food and game.
trout A trout is a food and game fish that resembles a smaller salmon.
plaice A plaice is a large flatfish.
tuna A tuna is a very large marine food and game fish.
haddock Haddock is a white fish similar to but smaller than cod.
herring A herring is a food fish that is usually salted or pickled.
crab A crab is a decapod with pincers.
cuttlefish A cuttlefish is a oval-bodied cephalopod with ten arms, narrow fins as long as its body, and a large calcareous internal shell.
fish A fish is a cold-blooded aquatic vertebrate with scales and gills.
jellyfish A jellyfish is a free-swimming coelenterate with stinging tentacles.
lobster A lobster is an edible marine crustacean.
octopus An octopus has a soft oval body and eight long tentacles.
seafood Seafood can refer to edible fish, shellfish, or roe.
shrimp A shrimp is a small slender-bodied decapod crustacean with a long tail and single pair of pincers.
squid A squid is a cephalopod mollusk with ten arms, a long tapered body, and triangular tail fins.

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