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Study the word list: Shakespeare Words: List 1

Shakespeare words for Year 8: Romeo and Juliet module, Cove School. Mrs J.Hurrell

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Shakespeare was born into the Elizabethan period. *
theatre British English spelling
We could hear the laughter from outside the theatre. *
Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. *
Iambic meter in poetry has two beats. *
Iambic pentameter has five sets of two beats. *
Her sudden death was a great tragedy.
A playwright writes plays.
A sonnet is a love poem of 14 lines. *
prologue British English spelling
The prologue appears right at the start of the play and tells the story. *
This is the scene when Romeo first appears. *
An oxymoron uses words that are opposites, for example, organised chaos. *
The protagonist is the main character in the play. *
I like a person with a friendly character.

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