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Study the word list: Entry Level 3: Words ending in -tious

Words that learners at Entry Level 3 are required to read and spell correctly.

In these words the sound /sh s/ is spelled tious.

Word list: Entry Level 3: Words ending in -tious

infectious She had an infectious disease.
ambitious The company set some very ambitious goals for the year.
bumptious He was a bumptious man who told everyone what to do.
cautious Her mother asked her to be cautious on her drive home.
conscientious The doctor was conscientious in his work.
contentious The referee's decision was contentious.
facetious He made a facetious remark.
fictitious The characters in this film are purely fictitious.
flirtatious His manner was flirtatious.
fractious The children were fractious when they didn't get outside to play.
nutritious It is important to maintain a nutritious diet.
ostentatious The child was very ostentatious and enjoyed being the centre of attention.
pretentious We eavesdropped on their pretentious conversation.
repetitious The routines of daily life can become repetitious.
scrumptious The apple crumble and cream was very scrumptious.
seditious Members of the rebellion were arrested for seditious behaviour.
superstitious He was superstitious about walking underneath a ladder.
surreptitious Harry was surreptitious when sneaking a biscuit out of the tin.

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