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Study the word list: Entry Level 3 (D-F)

Words that learners at Entry Level 3 are required to read and spell correctly.

Word list: Entry Level 3 (D-F)

debt We owe a large debt to the bank.
definite There is no definite proof that this will happen.
describe The poet used alliteration to describe the beautiful butterflies.
determined I am determined to get full marks in my spelling test.
develop Learning new things helps you to develop your knowledge.
dictionary The teacher encouraged the pupils to use a dictionary.
doubt I doubt that we will make it on time.
ease He walked the tightrope with ease.
education We come to school for our education.
enough A dozen eggs will be enough.
equip Drivers should equip themselves before driving in snow.
especially It was especially hot this August.
excellent Jane and Jim are excellent dancers.
exercise Physical exercise is good for your health.
experience It was the best experience of his life.
experiment The scientist carried out an experiment.
explanation They listened silently to the intriguing explanation.
famous There are many famous lochs in Scotland.
fasten Fasten your shoe lace before you trip over.
frequently They go abroad frequently.

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