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Study the word list: GCSE Drama: Performing 1

Key words for GCSE Drama.

Word list: GCSE Drama: Performing 1

stage The stage is the floor or raised platform that actors perform on.
right Stage right is the right-hand side of the stage from the performer's perspective..
left Stage left is the left-hand side of the stage from the performer's perspective.
downstage Downstage is the part of the stage nearest the audience.
upstage Upstage is the part of the stage furthest from the audience.
centre British English spelling Centre stage is the centre of the stage.
enter Enter indicates a character's entrance onto the stage.
exit Exit indicates a character's exit from the stage.
levels Levels are the positioning of characters onstage to show their relative status.
energy Energy is the commitment and enthusiasm a performer brings to their role.
corpse To corpse is to laugh involuntarily and break character.
prompt A prompt is a short cue used when an actor has forgotten their lines.
stance Stance refers to the standing position of a character.
stereotype A stereotype is a common but oversimplified portrayal of someone.
understudy An understudy learns the part of a key character in case the main actor cannot perform.
reactions Reactions are how a character responds to others.
aside An aside is a moment when the character speaks to the audience.

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