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Study the word list: GCSE Art 5

Key words for GCSE Art.

Word list: GCSE Art 5

elongated If something is elongated, it means it is stretched and made longer.
exaggerated If something is exaggerated, it means it is made excessively large or more pronounced.
construction Construction is the assembling of components into a composition.
challenge If you challenge an idea, it means you push it to the extremes.
advanced If a project has advanced, it means it has progressed.
methodology Methodology is a system of methods used to create artwork.
multidisciplinary If something is multidisciplinary, it means it uses knowledge from a range of art disciplines.
interdisciplinary If an artwork is interdisciplinary, it means multiple disciplines were combined to create it.
rigorous If an artist is rigorous, it means they are extremely thorough and careful.
integration Integration is when you use your work to demonstrate your understanding of something.
function The function of something is its purpose.
complex If something is complex. it means it is made up of many different elements.
silhouette A silhouette is a dark shape or outline.
technical If something is technical, it means it uses a special method or skill.
dominant Dominant means more significant than something else.
coherent If something is coherent, it means it is communicated clearly and deliberately.
concentrated If a piece of art is concentrated on a particular idea or outcome, it means it is directed towards it.
accentuate If you accentuate a feature, it means you make it more pronounced.

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