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Study the word list: GCSE Art 4

Key words for GCSE Art.

Word list: GCSE Art 4

print To print is to transfer an image onto another surface.
paint Paint is a coloured substance which dries on a surface.
pastel A pastel is a coloured drawing instrument.
relief Relief artwork is made using multiple layers to create a raised effect.
charcoal Charcoal is a black drawing material made of carbon.
graphite Graphite is a metallic grey carbon-based drawing material.
drawing Drawing is the art of producing images on a surface using ink, pencil, or pen.
painting Painting is art made by the application of paint to a surface.
sculpture Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork.
textiles Textiles is an art form that uses fibres and fabrics.
digital Digital art is produced with the use of technology.
photography Photography is an art form based on taking and processing photographs.
ceramic Ceramic art is made using clay and treated by firing.
movement A movement is a period of time when a group of artists have a shared philosophy.
graffiti Graffiti is art created on buildings or in public spaces.
engrave To engrave is to carve an image or text into a surface.
animation Animation is the creation of moving images.
mechanical If something is mechanical, it means it is operated by machine.
architecture Architecture is the practise of designing and building structures.
dramatic Art is dramatic when it is surprising or very evocative.

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