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GCSE Art 1

Key words for GCSE Art.

Style is the way a piece of art looks.
Content is what is being depicted in a piece of art.
Mood is the atmosphere or feeling evoked by an artwork.
The foreground is the area at the front of a scene.
The background is the area to the rear of a scene.
The context of a piece is the situation in which it was made.
Structure is the way a piece is arranged.
If your work is focused, it means it has a specific aim.
Knowledge of the subject you are working in will inform your artwork.
Your work can display a thorough understanding of a subject or approach.
If you are critical, it means you express opinions and thoughts about an artwork.
If something is diverse, it means it contains a broad range.
A connection is a link made between the different elements in or around a piece of art.
An idea is a thought that arises as a result of understanding or study.
Initial stages are the very first ideas and actions of a project.
If you inquire, it means you study, investigate, and explore a field of interest.
A period is the timeframe in which an artistic movement took place.
A society is a group of people who are connected by a purpose or activity.
Culture refers to the characteristics and knowledge of a group of people.
If you put emphasis on something, it means you make it stand out more.

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