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Study the word list: GCSE Music: Texture and Melody 1

Key words for GCSE Music

Word list: GCSE Music: Texture and Melody 1

ascending If the pitch is getting higher, it is ascending.
descending If the pitch is getting lower, it is descending.
step A step is an interval between two notes that have a note between them.
leap A leap is an interval of a third or more.
layers Independent parts that are played at the same time are called layers.
contour The contour of a melody is its shape.
decoration An embellishment to a melody is called a decoration,.
ornate An ornate melody is elaborate.
conjunct Conjunct describes melodic progression in steps.
disjunct Disjunct describes melodic progression in leaps.
triadic Melodies built around the notes in a triad are called triadic.
arpeggio An arpeggio is when the notes from a chord are played one after the other.
scalic Melodies that follow the order of a scale are called scalic.
ornamentation An ornamentation is a note or group of notes added to embellish a melody.

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