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Study the word list: GCSE Maths: Numbers 2

Key words for GCSE Maths

Word list: GCSE Maths: Numbers 2

rounding Rounding a value is expressing it to its nearest degree of accuracy.
quantity Quantity describes the number or size of something.
interest Interest is an amount added to owed money.
digit A digit is a number between 0 and 9.
degrees Temperatures and angles are measured in degrees.
temperature Temperature refers to how hot or cold something is.
partition Partition makes calculations easier by splitting numbers into smaller parts.
divisibility Divisibility is whether or not something can be divided exactly.
column Column addition is a way of formatting sums on the page.
cancel If you cancel down, it means you reduce to the simplest form.
terminating Terminating decimals are non-recurring decimals.
scale A scale is a line with equal divisions made along it, like a ruler.
directed Directed numbers have a particular size and direction (i.e. positive or negative).
centilitre British English spelling A centilitre is a hundredth of a litre.
constant A constant does not vary.
cube A cube number is calculated by multiplying a number by itself three times.
denominator The number below the line in a fraction is a denominator.

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