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Roald Dahl Day

Words invented by children's author Roald Dahl.

"All around them lay the vast black ocean, deep and hungry. Little waves were bibbling against the side of the peach."
"'This is it!' he whispered to himself under his breath. 'The greatest moment of my life is coming up now! I mustn’t bish it. I mustn’t bosh it! I must keep very calm.'"
"The fact that it was none other than Boggis’s chickens they were going to eat made them churgle with laughter every time they thought of it."
"So start to run! Oh, skid and daddle / Through the slubber slush and sossel! / Skip jump hop and try to skaddle! / All the grobes are on the roam!"
"'It’s a funny thought,' Sophie said. 'Exunckly,’ the BFG said."
"'The filthy old fizzwiggler!' shouted the BFG. 'That is the horridest thing I is hearing for years!'"
"A walnut fresh from the tree is scrumptious-galumptious, so flavory-savory, so sweet to eat that it makes me all wobbly just thinking about it."
"Mrs. Twit suddenly called out at the top of her voice, 'Here I come, you grizzly old grunion! You rotten old turnip! You filthy old frumpet!'"
"'So now!' barked the Grand High Witch. 'So now I am having a plan! I am having a giganticus plan for getting rrrid of every single child in the whole of Inkland!'"
"At the witchy hour of gloomness, / All the grobes come oozing home."
"I’ll bet if you saw a fat juicy little child paddling in the water over there at this very moment, you’d gulp him up in one gollup!"
"The one waiting for you down there is the fearsome Gruncher, the Red-Hot Smoke-Belching Gruncher. He grunches up everything in the forest."
"George was especially tired of having to live in the same house as that grizzly old grunion of a Grandma."
"'You is saying it is grizzling and horrigust for giants to be eating human beans, right or left?'"
"In the quelchy quaggy sogmire, / In the mashy mideous harshland..."
"She’s a Minus no longer! She’s a lovely Plus! She’s as plussy as plussy can be!"
"'I must say it’s quite an experience,' Sophie said. 'It’s a razztwizzler,' the BFG said. 'It’s gloriumptious.'"
"'Oh you Knid, you are vile and vermicious,' cried Mr Wonka. 'You are slimy and soggy and squishous!'"
"'It’s worse than that!' cried the Chief of Police. 'It’s a vermicious Knid! Oh, just look at its vermicious gruesome face!'"
"Dreams is not like human beans or animals. They has no brains. They is made of zozimus."

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