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Study the word list: NAPLAN: S - Difficult (2)

Words for NAPLAN writing test preparation. Students are assessed in Year 3, Year 5, Year 7, and Year 9.

Word list: NAPLAN: S - Difficult (2)

standard Schools must comply with health and safety standards.
statement His statement had no relevance to this discussion.
station He works in a train station.
strategy Our coach explained his strategy for winning the game.
structure The scaffolding on the building is a rigid structure.
subside The pain will subside in a couple of hours.
success I wish you lots of success.
suitable The course is suitable for pupils of all abilities.
summary This summary contains the main point of the longer statement.
summoned I was summoned by the principal.
supervision The children needed supervision at the pool.
supply We can supply your order next week.
support I will support my children.
suppose I suppose I can help.
surprise She raised her eyebrows in surprise.
surround The fence will surround the property.
survive Without water, it is impossible to survive for more than a few days.
sweat Jogging fast can make you sweat.
system This email has been sent by our automatic system.

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