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Study the word list: Tier 2 Words (perish - preceding)

Tier 2 words are less common than high frequency (Tier 1) words. They are often integral to the comprehension of exam questions or core subject knowledge.

Word list: Tier 2 Words (perish - preceding)

perish To perish means to die.
persistent If someone is persistent, it means they are stubborn about their idea or opinion.
perspective A perspective is a way of looking at a topic or situation.
phase A phase is a distinct time period in a sequence of events.
phenomenon A phenomenon is a state or process that is known through the senses rather than by intuition or reasoning.
philosophy Philosophy is the rational investigation of questions about existence, knowledge, and ethics.
physical If something is physical, it means it relates to the body rather the mind or the spirit.
plus Plus is used to describe something on the positive side or higher end of a scale.
policy A policy is a plan of action adopted by an individual or organisation.
portable If something is portable it is easy and convenient to transport.
portion A portion is a part of a whole.
posed If something is posed, it means it has been arranged in a particular way so that it can be photographed.
positive If something is described as positive, it means it is characterised by acceptance, certainty, and goodness.
potential Your potential is your ability or capacity to do something.
practitioner A practitioner is someone who practices a learned profession.
preceding Preceding describes something that existed or came before.

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