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Study the word list: Tier 2 Words (economic - equation)

Tier 2 words are less common than high frequency (Tier 1) words. They are often integral to the comprehension of exam questions or core subject knowledge.

Word list: Tier 2 Words (economic - equation)

economic Economic means related to the system of production and management of material wealth.
economy The economy is the system of production, distribution, and consumption of resources.
edition An edition is a specific version of a publication.
element An element is an abstract part of something.
eliminate If you eliminate something, it means you get rid of it.
emerge If you emerge, it means you come out into view.
emphasis If you give emphasis to something, it means you give it special importance or significance.
empirical If something is empirical, it means it was derived from experiment and observation rather than theory.
enable If you enable something, it means you make it capable of doing a particular task.
encountered If you encountered something, it means you unexpectedly met with or faced it.
energy Energy is the strength required to do or sustain something.
enforce If you enforce a rule, you make sure that it is followed.
enforcement Enforcement is the act of making sure a rule or a law is followed.
enhanced If something has been enhanced, it means it has increased or intensified in value.
enormous If something is enormous, it means it is very large.
ensure If you ensure something will happen, it means you make sure of it.
entity An entity is something that has its own distinct existence.
environment The environment is the totality of our surrounding conditions.
equate If you equate something to something else, it means you consider it similar or equal.
equation An equation is a mathematical statement that two expressions are equal.

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