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Study the word list: Tier 2 Words (stability - sufficient)

Tier 2 words are less common than high frequency (Tier 1) words. They are often integral to the comprehension of exam questions or core subject knowledge.

Word list: Tier 2 Words (stability - sufficient)

stability Stability is the quality of being firm and unwavering.
stable If something is stable, it means it is firm and unwavering.
stationary If something is stationary, it means it is not moving.
statistic A statistic is a piece of data that can be represented as a number.
status Someone's status is their relative position within a field or society.
straightforward If something is straightforward, it is easy to understand.
strategy A strategy is a plan of action.
stress Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain.
strive If you strive to do something, it means you work hard to do it.
structure The word structure is used to describe the way in which the different parts of a whole are arranged to fit together.
style Style describes the particular way in which someone does something.
submitted If something has been submitted, it means it has been entered for consideration.
subordinate Subordinate is used to describe someone or something that is less important or lower in rank.
subsequent If something is subsequent to something else, it means it follows it in time or order.
subsidiary A subsidiary is a company that is completely controlled by another company.
substitute If you substitute something, it means you replace it with something else.
substitution Substitution is the act of putting one thing or person in the place of another.
successive If things are described a successive, it means they all fall one after the other.
sufficient Sufficient is another word for enough or adequate.

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