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Study the word list: Tier 2 Words (saunter - similar )

Tier 2 words are less common than high frequency (Tier 1) words. They are often integral to the comprehension of exam questions or core subject knowledge.

Word list: Tier 2 Words (saunter - similar )

saunter If you saunter, it means you walk in a leisurely way.
scenario Scenario is another word for setting.
schedule A schedule is an ordered list of times at which things are planned to occur.
scheme A scheme is an elaborate and systematic plan of action.
scope The scope of something is the area in which it acts or operates.
section A section is a part of a larger whole.
sector A sector is a social group that forms a branch of society or the economy.
secure If something is secure, it means it is safe from danger or risk.
security Security is the state of being free from danger or injury.
seldom Seldom is another word for rarely.
select If you select something, it means you choose it.
senseless If something is senseless, it means it doesn't make sense.
sequence A sequence is the particular order or pattern in which things are arranged.
series A series is a group of similar things that happen one after the other.
sever If you sever something, it means you cut it off.
sex Sex is a way of categorising organisms depending on their reproductive roles.
shift If you shift something, it means you move it.
significant If something is significant, it means it is important in effect or meaning.
similar If two or more things are similar, it means they are alike.

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