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Study the word list: Body. arms

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The arm is one of two upper limbs on the human body.
The armpit is the hollow under the arm at the shoulder.
The elbow is the joint between the upper arm and forearm.
A finger is on of four slender digits on the human hand.
A fingertip is the end of a finger.
A fist is made by curling the fingers in towards the palm.
The hand is the end part of the arm.
The index finger is the finger next to the thumb.
A knuckle is the lower finger joint.
The middle finger is the finger between the index and ring fingers.
A nail is a plate covering and protecting part of a finger or toe.
The palm is the inner surface of the hand.
The ring finger is between the middle and little fingers.
The thumb is the thick short innermost digit on the hand.
The wrist is the joint between the hand and the forearm.

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