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Study the word list: Irregular Verbs: Past Participle Form (b words)

Irregular verbs in English, beginning with the letter b. Learn the verbs in their past participle form in column one. See the verbs used in context in column two.

Word list: Irregular Verbs: Past Participle Form (b words)

been Have you ever been late for school? (be - was - been)
borne I have always borne the surname Smith. (bear - bore - borne)
beaten So far this month, we have beaten them at football twice. (beat - beat - beaten)
become It has just become clear that we will need more time to finish the project. (become - became - become)
begun The lesson has just begun. (begin - began - begun)
bent The force of the storm has already bent the telephone poles. (bend - bent - bent)
bet Have you ever bet on a game? (bet - bet - bet)
bought She has already bought toys for her daughters. (buy - bought - bought)
bound For every Sports Day so far, we have bound ourselves together for the three-legged race. (bind - bound - bound)
bitten I have just bitten my tongue. (bite - bit - bitten)
bled Has your nose ever bled? (bleed - bled - bled)
blown So far in this P.E. lesson, the teacher has blown her whistle three times! (blow - blew - blown)
broken I have never broken my arm. (break - broke - broken)
bred Has the farmer ever bred lambs? (breed - bred - bred)
brought I have already brought my project into school. (bring - brought - brought)
built So far this summer, we have built one sandcastle. (build - built - built)
burnt I have never burnt my dinner. (burn - burnt - burnt)
burst Have you burst the balloons yet? (burst - burst - burst)

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