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Study the word list: Some harder ar words

This list has some longer ar words.

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Why do you always argue with me?
The drivers had an argument about the car crash.
Every Wednesday I put out the garbage. *
The parcel got lost in the mail.
The class needed to work with a partner. *
Her crystal beads sparkle in the sunlight.
Loud bangs startle my dog.
armor American English spelling
The army used armor-plated cars.
harbor American English spelling
Fishing boats shelter in the harbor.
James wrote an article for the college magazine.
Dan cooked the chicken on the barbecue.
Put on your cardigan for school.
The carnival floats were covered in flowers.
He was a master carpenter.
The plane's departure was delayed due to fog.
A particle is a tiny fragment such as a speck of dust.
She didn't want or participate in the sports lesson.
The view from the top was remarkable.
marvelous American English spelling
We had a marvelous time on our vacation.

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