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Study the word list: More words with the suffix -ible

-ible is another way of spelling this suffix.

Word list: More words with the suffix -ible

accessible The spelling course was very accessible.
admissible The recording was considered admissible evidence.
collapsible They took collapsible chairs on the camping trip.
compatible Are you sure their personalities are compatible?
convertible I drove a convertible during the summer vacation.
credible His story seemed credible.
defensible He believed his argument was reasonable and defensible.
destructible The fort wall was destructible.
digestible Greasy food is not very digestible.
divisible Six is divisible by three.
eligible Children are eligible for free entry to the museum.
forcible The door was broken showing signs of forcible entry.
gullible The gullible boy believed everything he was told.
incredible The special effects are incredible.
invincible The hero was invincible.
permissible Is it permissible to park here?
plausible His excuse didn't sound plausible.
possible Would it be possible to take the test again?
responsible A postman is responsible for the distribution of mail.
reversible His coat was reversible.

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