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Unit 1: Guide to the Spellzone Course

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Unit 1: The basic 'Building Bricks' of the English language

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Unit 1: Guide to the Spellzone Course

Spellzone is an interactive course designed to help with English spelling.

The English spelling course doesn't just test you to see which words you already know - it actually teaches you - not just by giving you lists of words, but by teaching you how to learn them.

Look out for this sign:
Learning Tip for English spelling Where a spelling rule exists, Spellzone teaches it. Where there are no rules to help, there are tips on how to remember tricky words - especially those words a computer spell-checker can't spot: the words which sound the same but have different spellings for different meanings, for example:
homophones - learn to spell similar sounding words

dew / due   brake / break    stationery / stationary

These words are called homophones from the Greek words: homo: the same phonos: sound

You will meet many more of them in the Spellzone course.

Spellzone is aimed at older students and adults - so YOU, the user, have full control over your path through the program:

  • You work at your own pace
  • You choose whether to start from scratch or ........
  • ....whether to skip the basic work and go straight to the more advanced levels.
  • The computer marks your work instantly and stores the results online for future reference. You can then choose whether to go back and repeat that topic or go on to the next level. All pages are quick to download.

Who will benefit from using Spellzone?

Spellzone will be useful to:

English speakers who have problems with spelling - perhaps adults who had difficulty at school but did not get the help they needed. This includes those affected by dyslexia.
People learning English as a second or foreign language - either those living in an English-speaking country or studying English in their own country.

The program can be used by students working at home or in school or college, even on their mobile phone. It will also be useful to teachers, especially those running courses for students or adults with spelling difficulties and those working in language schools. Also teachers can view the students progress and results at any time.

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Try Spellzone for free

Find out how to get the full Spellzone course - around 450 web pages of teaching tips and practice exercises.

Please turn your screen to landscape to play this game.

The Spellzone interactive course is intended to be used online and may not be printed.

One of the students has put in a huge amount of effort in completing Spellzone at least 3 times a week since his arrival with us in January. Looking at his scores after the latest GL testing, his standardised score has risen from 99 to 131. This is a truly phenomenal result. I just wanted to share the best result I have ever seen.

Terrie Penrose-Toms, Casterton College