sound - noun

  • the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause
  • the subjective sensation of hearing something
  • mechanical vibrations transmitted by an elastic medium
  • the sudden occurrence of an audible event
  • the audible part of a transmitted signal
  • (phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language
  • a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water
  • a large ocean inlet or deep bay

  • sound - verb

    • appear in a certain way
    • make a certain noise or sound
    • give off a certain sound or sounds
    • announce by means of a sound
    • utter with vibrating vocal chords
    • cause to sound
    • measure the depth of (a body of water) with a sounding line

    sound - adjective

    • financially secure and safe
    • in good condition; free from defect or damage or decay
    • exercising or showing good judgment
    • in excellent physical condition
    • logically valid
    • having legal efficacy or force
    • free from moral defect
    • (of sleep) deep and complete
    • thorough

    sound - thesaurus

    audio   effectual   fathom   go   good   healthy   heavy   intelligent   legal   levelheaded   phone   profound   reasoned   strait   vocalise British English spelling   vocalize American English spelling   voice   wakeless  

    View spelling list ou words - set 1 and learn about the word sound in the Spellzone English spelling course, Unit 15. Spelling choices for /ou/ sound: ou, ow.

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    Scrabble score = 6

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