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  • an air-filled sac near the spinal column in many fishes that helps maintain buoyancy
  • something that floats on the surface of water
  • a hand tool with a flat face used for smoothing and finishing the surface of plaster or cement or stucco
  • an elaborate display mounted on a platform carried by a truck (or pulled by a truck) in a procession or parade
  • a drink with ice cream floating in it
  • the number of shares outstanding and available for trading by the public
  • the time interval between the deposit of a check in a bank and its payment


  • convert from a fixed point notation to a floating point notation
  • allow (currencies) to fluctuate
  • make the surface of level or smooth
  • put into the water
  • move lightly, as if suspended
  • set afloat
  • be in motion due to some air or water current
  • be afloat either on or below a liquid surface and not sink to the bottom
  • circulate or discuss tentatively; test the waters with


blow drift swim

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