Spelling tion, cian and sion words

Teaching point - learning to spell The most common way to spell the /sh/ sound at the beginning or end of a word is sh, but in the middle of a word it is usually ti or ci:

action education musician beautician

For more words with ti and ci in the middle, see
Unit 30: the endings tial cial tious cious.

Rule breakers break the spelling rule 1. Only a few words use sh in the middle, for example:

fashion cushion

2. These words end in tion but the sound is more like /chEnglish spelling schwa soundn/:

question digestion suggestion

3. Two words use cion to spell the /shEnglish spelling schwa soundn/ sound :

To remember these words, think of the root words, which have the letter c:

Try this final test of the spellings tion, cian, sion. Guess the word from the first few letters. Listen to the syllables, work out the rest of the spelling and type the whole word in the box.

Help spelling English words tion, cian and sion Need help?
To review the rules and guidelines, click here.

Work out which letters are missing then type the whole word.

Number of people in a place: pop___
Bridge which hangs from cables: susp___
Person who repairs machines: tech___
Let's celebrate this great occa___.
Medication can be given by inj___.
Another word for occupation: prof___
Management, oversight: super___
Volcanic activity: eru___
Totalling some figures: add___
Worry about the future: appre___
Thank you for the inv___ to the party.
Another word for surgeon: phys___


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Unit 28: Spelling -tion -cian and -sion words

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