Spelling the sound /or/: or, ore, au, aw

Choose from:

or as in fork ore as in shore au as in sauce aw as in jaw

Work out which letters are missing then type the whole word.

That dress is too sh___t for you
Hit the p___se button to stop the film.
Shrimps and pr___ns must be cooked well.
Mow the l___n before it rains.
Shaun sn___s very loudly.
There's a bad st___m coming tonight.
A space probe was l___nched yesterday.
A young deer is called a f___n.
That dog's paw looks very s___.
It's not my f___lt I'm late.
Put the c___k back in the bottle.
They say the old castle is h___nted.


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Unit 14: Spelling the sound /or/

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