Spelling the sound /ar/: ar, al or just a ?

think back to spelling teaching The most common way to spell the /ar/ sound is with the letters ar. Only use al or a for the words on pages 7 and 8 of this unit. The exercise below has all three ways of spelling the /ar/ sound.

Which letters are missing?
Choose from ar, al or just a

Type the whole word here

A c__ton of ice cream.
Trash: g__bage.
The injury left a sc__.
A fl__sk of coffee.
Very hungry: st__ving.
Ten is h__f of twenty.
Send cash in adv__nce.
A b__sket of eggs.
He's so ch__ming.
Keep off the gr__ss.
Don't panic, stay c__m.
Explosion: bl__st.


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Unit 10: Spelling the sound /ar/

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