Spelling the long vowel sound /ō/: o-e, oa, ow, oe

homophones - learn to spell similar sounding words Homophones from this section:

If you confuse these words the computer spellchecker will not spot your mistake - so it is especially important to learn them.

toe - 5 on each foot

tow - pull behind
He trod on my toe.

I'll tow your car to the garage.
Learning tip to help your spelling You need wheels to tow.

no - not yes

know - be sure of
You asked me and I said "No".

Did you know him well?

knows - is sure of

nose - on the face
Nobody knows much about her.

He broke his nose in a fight.

hole - empty space

whole - all
Moles live in holes.

I slept for a whole day.

wrote - written

rote - repeating
She wrote me short note.

I learnt the poem by rote.

loan - something lent

lone - single
I need a loan to buy my car.

The Lone Ranger rode alone.

slow - not quick

sloe - plum-like fruit
That clock is ten minutes slow.

Sloes are small and sour.

row -
1) line
2) on a boat

roe -
1) fish eggs
2) deer

1) The children sat in rows.
2) Row the boat across the river.

1) Caviar is made from roe.
2) A roe is a small deer.

flow - move along

floe - floating ice
The river flows slowly here.

A huge floe is an iceberg.

groan - moan

grown - from 'grow'
She keeps moaning and groaning.

I have grown tomatoes for ten years.

pole - post

poll - election
Run the flag up the pole.

Vote for me at the polls.

ode - poem

owed - to pay
The poet wrote an ode to his love.

James owed me $50.

bolder - more bold

boulder - rock
'Bolder' means 'more brave'.

A boulder is a large round rock.

rose - flower

rows - lines
Red roses are a sign of love.

There were rows of empty seats.

sole -
1) only
2) fish
3) part of foot

soul -
1) person
2) spirit

1) He was the sole person to clap.
2) A sole is a flat sea fish.
3) There's a hole in the sole of my shoe.

1) There was not a soul to be seen
2) Prayer is good for the soul.

road - street

rowed - with oars

rode - had a ride
She lives across the road from me.

They rowed in the boat race.

Paul rode his bike every day.

so -
1) therefore
2) very

sow - plant seeds

sew - stitch

1) I'm tired so I'm going to bed.
2) It's so late.

Sow the seeds in spring.

I need to sew a button on my shirt.

Spelling learning activities There are many homophones for the long /ō/ sound.
To remember them all:
1) Print this homophone page and file it.
2) Make up your own sentences for the tricky words.
3) Invent your own 'Learning Tips' where you need them.
4) Then try the homophones test which follows this Unit.

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