Spelling list: ´gy´ words

Before ´y´ the /j/ sound is usually spelled with the letter ´g´.

gymnastics The Olympic gymnastics champion was only sixteen.
gymnasium To get fit, work out at the gymnasium.
gypsy Gypsy is my cat's name. *
gymkhana Gemma rode her horse to victory in the gymkhana.
gyroscope A gyroscope is a spinning disk used in an aircraft compass.
allergy She has a bad allergy to nuts.
apology This is a letter of apology for my rudeness.
clergy The clergy preach in places of worship.
egypt Tourists flock to see the pyramids in Egypt.
energy Energy is the strength or power to work.
strategy Our coach explained his strategy for winning the game.
edgy If someone is edgy, they are nervous.
dodgy The man appeared to be a dodgy character.
biology She studied the biology of plants.
ecology Ecology is the study of how things relate to their environment.
geology Geology is the study of the earth and how it was formed. *
meteorology Meteorology is the study of the weather. *
technology Computer technology is changing the world.
zoology The study of animals is called zoology.

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