Spelling list: Words starting with ge

Before the vowel e, the sound /j/ is usually spelled with the letter g.

gem A garnet is a red gem. *
gen Gen is a slang word for knowledge.
gene Our genes control what we look like.
germ Good hygiene keeps germs away.
gelignite The miners used gelignite to blast the quarry wall away.
gender What is your gender - male or female?
gentle Be very gentle with the tiny kitten.
general A General is an important army officer.
generate His talk should generate much interest.
generous Thank you for your generous donation.
genius Einstein was a genius. *
genuine Are these genuine diamonds or fakes?
geography At school geography was one of my best subjects.
geometry We are studying angles in our geometry class.
george Did St George slay a dragon?
germinate How long will these seeds take to germinate?
gesture His gesture showed that he was very angry.

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