Spelling list: Change f to ve

When we add s to most words ending in a single f we change the f to ve .

half Half of sixteen is eight.
halves Both halves of the game were exciting.
leaf The maple leaf is a symbol of Canada.
leaves Beech trees drop their leaves.
loaf I love the smell of a freshly baked loaf. *
loaves I baked six loaves yesterday.
knife The knife is made of stainless steel.
knives Fishermen's knives need to be very sharp.
life The birth of our baby was the happiest day of my life.
lives The lives of refugees can be hard.
shelf The higher shelf is out of my reach.
shelves We need four new shelves for the books.
thief A thief seized my mother's purse.
thieves All my disks were taken by the thieves.
wife He gave his wife a gold brooch.
wives King Henry VIII had six wives.
wolf The hikers heard a wolf howling in the night.
wolves A pack of wolves surrounded them,.
yourself Be careful not to burn yourself on the candle.
yourselves Please will you all help yourselves to the food.

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