Spelling list: When to drop the final e

Drop the e when adding a vowel suffix. Keep the e when adding a consonant suffix.

take Take a peek at the sleeping baby.
taking Shaun is taking a History course.
hate I hate this foul weather.
hateful He gave me a hateful look.. *
brute The bully of the class was a brute.
brutish We disliked his brutish manner.
joke The joke wasn’t funny because it was crude.
joking My uncle is always joking.
use I'll use this glue to fix my model.
using The boy ate his ice-cream using a spoon.
useless Don't waste your money on fizzy drinks.
blame I blame you for that accident. *
blameless The police said the truck driver was blameless.
safe My shed will be safe with this padlock on the door.
safely Cross the road safely when the traffic stops.
Pole Run the flag up the pole.
Polish My new workmate is Polish.

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