Spelling list: No need to double

More examples of the doubling rule: You do not need to double the last letter of a word if: 1) a word ends in two consonants 2) the suffix starts with a consonant

crashing The waves are crashing on the sea shore.
dampen This light rain will only dampen the ground.
windy It is too windy to use an umbrella. *
buzzed A wasp buzzed around my head.
stuffing The stuffing has come out of my old teddy bear.
checked They checked the door knob for fingerprints.
locked Check that the car is locked.
puffy Her face was puffy from crying so much.
crafty I don't trust that man as I think he is too crafty.
selfish Tom was selfish not to offer me a lift.
twisted The willow trees were twisting in the strong wind.
quickly Our baby has grown so quickly.
handful Throw a handful of seeds to feed the birds.
thankless It was a thankless task. *
backless She wore a backless dress to the party.
thickness The thickness of my gloves will keep my hands warm.
spotless I scrubbed the floor until it was spotless.
madness It's madness to drive so fast near a school.

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