Spelling list: Words ending in ary

In these words the weak vowel sound before y is spelled with the letters ar, making the ending ary.

anniversary Today is the tenth anniversary of our marriage.
boundary Don't play outside of the school's boundary.
centenary The football club celebrated its second centenary.
commentary The commentary on the football game is far too loud.
contemporary Much of the art on display was contemporary.
dictionary Find the meaning of words in the dictionary.
extraordinary Something very unusual is extraordinary.
hereditary The father is worried that his illness may be hereditary.
imaginary Something imaginary is all in the mind.
library Our college library has the latest computers.
necessary Is it necessary to learn to spell properly?
primary I will always remember my primary school teachers. *
ordinary The food tasted very ordinary. *
salary You will get a basic salary plus commission. *
secondary I moved to secondary school at age eleven.
secretary The secretary took notes during the meeting.
summary This summary contains the main point of the longer statement.
temporary Temporary is the opposite of permanent.
voluntary Many students will do voluntary work overseas before university.
February February is the second month of the year. *

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