Spelling list: Words ending in re

Another way of spelling the weak vowel ending is with the letters re. Please note: these words have the British English spelling.

calibre British English spelling We employ people of the best calibre.
centre British English spelling They found themselves in the centre of a storm.
centimetre British English spelling The measurement was one centimetre out.
metre British English spelling He ran the 100 metres in 9.8 seconds.
millimetre British English spelling The car was a millimetre away from hitting the wall. *
litre British English spelling This flask holds one litre of juice.
fibre British English spelling We need fibre for a healthy diet.
lustre British English spelling These pearls have a beautiful lustre.
manoeuvre British English spelling I played the winning manoeuvre in our chess game.
meagre British English spelling They exist on a meagre diet of rice.
sabre British English spelling A sabre is a curved sword.
sceptre British English spelling In the portrait the king holds a sceptre.
sombre British English spelling The mood at the funeral was sombre.
spectre British English spelling Spectre is another word for ghost.

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