Spelling list: cy words

Before the letter y the sound /s/ can be spelled with the letter c.

cyanide Cyanide is a dangerous poison.
cyclone A violent storm with strong winds is a cyclone.
cylinder A tube-shaped object is a cylinder.
cynic He is a cynic who thinks her kindness is too good to be true.
emergency Call the ambulance, it's an emergency.
fancy What do you fancy to eat tonight?
mercy The judge showed mercy to the sick criminal.
policy The government policy is to build more houses.
agency She worked for a government agency.
decency Will you have the decency to say sorry?
privacy I hope the photographers will respect their privacy.
pregnancy A normal pregnancy lasts for nine months.
urgency The main road must be repaired with great urgency.
accuracy He shot the target with great accuracy.
efficiency The factory improved its efficiency.

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