Spelling list: Words with ci in the middle

Before the letter i the sound /s/ can be spelled with the letter c.

decide Jane had to decide which way to go.
decimal The decimal numeral system has ten as its base.
electricity Our electricity bill is much higher this year.
exercise Exercise is good for your health.
incident A large crowd gathered at the scene of the incident.
medicine Take this medicine to make you better.
pencil Ben chewed the end of his pencil. *
precise You must pay with the precise amount of money.
precinct A precinct is a district of a town or city.
rancid This old butter smells rancid.
recipe Will you give me the recipe for that chicken dish?
recite In some schools pupils recite prayers every morning.
specific Our care home looks after each resident's specific needs.
specimen Some specimens of rock were brought back from the moon.
society We formed a history society to study our town's past.
participate She didn't want to participate in the PE lesson. *
atrocity The battle was a total atrocity.
velocity The Chinese Maglev train has a velocity of 431 km/h.
association My charity is a voluntary association.

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