Spelling list: Words ending in -nce

On the end of a word the /s/ sound after the letter n is most often spelled ce.

chance I have very little chance of winning.
glance I've only had time to glance at your report.
stance We will take a tough stance if our land is invaded.
advance They planned the holiday well in advance.
instance In this instance I will let you have the day off.
fence The fence was made of wooden stakes.
commence Shall we commence the game?
sentence I was gripped by the very first sentence of this book.
mince Beef mince can also be called ground beef.
prince Charles is the Prince of Wales.
convince I had to convince Jim that he was wrong.
once I'll only tell you once.
ounce One ounce is the same as 28.35 grams.
bounce Don't bounce that ball near the window!
pounce That cat is about to pounce on a bird.
announce When will you announce the date?
pronounce How do you pronounce your name?
France Paris is the capital city of France.

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