Spelling list: Words ending in -ce

The /s/ sound on the end of a word is sometimes spelled ce. Here are some examples.

lace Fasten your shoe lace before you trip over.
pace The race leader set a fast pace.
race They rowed in the boat race.
grace The dancer moved with great grace.
space Is there enough space in the car for me?
nice Leeks are nice in a stew. *
rice Chinese food is often served with boiled rice.
slice Would you like a slice of cake? *
spice Use some ginger to spice up the curry.
price Scan the bar code to find the price.
twice I've been there twice. *
voice I've a sore throat and I've lost my voice.
choice There's a choice of four desserts.
juice Fruit juice is good for your health.
advice The teacher gave me good advice.
device A telephone is a very useful device.
entice Can I entice you to have a slice of cream cake?
sacrifice I will sacrifice my free time to do your work.

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