Spelling list: aw words

One of the four ways of spelling the /or/ sound is with the letters aw. While there is no hard and fast rule for when the or sound is spelled this way, the letters aw are often used before the letters l and n (like in ‘crawl’ or ‘dawn’. This list looks at a few aw words.

raw Store raw meat away from cooked meat. add to list
claw The bear's claw is razor sharp. add to list
draw I won a thousand dollars in the draw. add to list
thaw The deep snow will take a week to thaw. add to list
straw The scarecrow was made from straw. * add to list
hawk We saw the hawk hover over its prey. * add to list
squawk We heard the parrot squawk. add to list
dawn Dawn broke over the beautiful meadow. add to list
fawn A young deer is called a fawn. add to list
lawn Mow the lawn before it rains. add to list
pawn A pawn is the small piece in a chess game. add to list
yawn Tiredness makes you yawn. add to list
drawn A line was drawn from coner to corner. add to list
prawn Shrimps and prawns must be cooked well. add to list
spawn There is frog spawn in our garden pond. add to list
crawl Our son began to crawl at the age of eight months. add to list
trawl We will trawl the internet to find him. add to list
shawl Grandma will make a shawl for the baby. add to list
scrawl His handwriting is just an untidy scrawl. add to list

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