Spelling list: or words

One of the four ways of spelling the /or/ sound is, of course, with the letters or. Why not practice some of these or words now?

cord Pull the cord to close the blind. add to list
ford The water in the ford was too deep to cross. add to list
cork Put the cork back in the bottle. add to list
form Fill in this form to claim a refund. add to list
storm There's a bad storm coming tonight. add to list
born John was born before computers were invented. add to list
corn A hen will scrabble in the dust for corn. add to list
horn Sound the horn to warn the cyclist. add to list
torn I need to stitch up my torn coat. add to list
fort An old fort stands on the hill. add to list
port Because of the storm all the boats stayed in port. add to list
short I wrote a short note to my friend. add to list
sport Playing sport can help us stay healthy. add to list
porch He sits in the porch in his rocking chair. add to list
torch In the USA a torch is called a flashlight. add to list
scorch Our camp fire left scorch marks on the trees. add to list
force The Air Force uniform is blue. add to list
forge A blacksmith works with metals in a forge. add to list
gorge The Grand Canyon is a huge gorge. add to list

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