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Agility means to change the position of the body with speed and control. *
analyse British English spelling
To examine in detail in order to discover meaning and/or essential features is to analyse. *
The ability to create equilibrium when stationary or moving through the coordinated actions of our sensory functions is known as balance. *
Something that by its nature or character requires special effort and is demanding is a challenge. *
Being competent means having suitable or sufficient skill, knowledge and experience. *
Competitive sport is usually played or participated in between two or more persons or teams striving for the common goal of winning. *
Tactics, strategies or techniques and skills might be complex and should be encouraged to develop. *
To control is to show restraint or direction over someone or something. *
Cooperative physical activities utilise behaviours demonstrated by individuals working together towards a shared goal. *
Coordination shows the ability to control the movement of the body in cooperation with the body´s sensory functions. *
The competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities require core movement. *
To do very well or be exceptionally good at or proficient in an activity is to excel at it. *
To be an expert is to possess specialist skill or knowledge in some particular field. *
Fairness and respect can be developed in sport by recognising and accommodating the different abilities of one´s peers; celebrating others´ successes and recognising others´ contributions. *
Flexibility - the range of movement possible at a joint. *
Strength shows the ability of a muscle or muscle group to overcome resistance. *
To keep up or keep going is a sustained behaviour of physical activity. *
Tactics used in sports require a particular method used or selected to achieve something. *
Players select different techniques for performing skills on the basis of personal preference, effectiveness and situation. *
A strategy is an intended or chosen plan to achieve a particular purpose. *

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