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Study the word list: Tuesday 5th May 2015

The suffix ´sure´ and ´ture´.

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A gallon is an imperial measure of volume.
All the family took part in the treasure hunt.
It gives me great pleasure to be here today.
An aircraft's canopy is the transparent cockpit enclosure.
A crocodile is a very dangerous creature.
A suite is a set e.g. of rooms or furniture.
Use tacks to fix the picture frame.
The explorer was audacious by nature.
The walker set out on his hundredth adventure.
There's a big reward for his capture.
He laughs in a very strange way.
Energy is the strength or power to work.
I don't want to go but I suppose I must.
She raised her eyebrows in surprise.
I'm tired, therefore I'm going home.
Even though it's winter the weather is not cold.

This public word list was created by a Spellzone user: Rowley Lane J I & N School.

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