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A solute dissolves in something else (lower concentration). *
A solution is the most common kind of homogeneous mixture. *
A solvent is what dissolves the solute (higher concentration). *
A homogeneous mixture is evenly mixed (ex: salt water, coffee, air). *
A physical property can be observed without changing identify of substance (ex. color, mass, density). *
There are two types of properties - physical & chemical. *
The ability of a substance to undergo a chemical change is a chemical property, (ex. rusting, decomposing). *
A heterogeneous mixture is not evenly mixed (composition in one section of a sample can change from composition in another section) ex: salad dressing, chocolate chip cookie. *
Elements can´t be broken down into simpler material, each atom of an element is exactly the same. *
A compound is a molecule of 1 or more elements (ex: water - hydrogen & oxygen). *
We classify matter into two major categories, pure substances and mixtures. *

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