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Study the word list: QEGS History 2

Basiv History words

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artefact British English spelling
An artefact is an object from the past. *
To be objective is to give an opinion not based on personal feeling but on fact. *
It is a well known fact that a cube has six faces. *
The Bayeux Tapestry is biased towards the Norman version of events as opposed to the Saxon one.. *
Some new circumstantial evidence proved the defendant guilty.
I will always remember my primary school teachers. *
The source of this river is in those hills.
Secondary school students are aged between eleven and sixteen. *
The source of this river is in those hills.
His ancestors were hunters in the distant past.
Linda screamed with delight when she opened the present.
In the foreseeable future.
A decade is a period of ten years. *
We are now in the 21st century.
The Cretaceous era was when dinosaurs died out.
Decline means to come to an end or lose importance. *
The dates are in chronological order. *

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