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Unit 4: Spelling the consonant digraphs, part 1

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Unit 4: Spelling the consonant digraphs, Part 1

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Spelling the /w/ sound: w or wh?

Choose from w or wh.

Remember: w on its own is the most common sound to spell the /w/ sound.

Work out which letters are missing.

Type the whole word:

Paint the walls ___ite.
The blue ___ale is the largest mammal.
Are you coming out ___ith me?
I haven't decided ___ether to come.
Kate loves all ___ater sports.
Bread is made from ___eat.
___ere have I put my keys?
He spoke in a ___isper.
How much is your car ___orth?
___ich cake would you like?
Please wait ___ile I make a call.
North, south, east and ___est.

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