tight - adjective

  • closely constrained or constricted or constricting
  • of such close construction as to be impermeable
  • pulled or drawn tight
  • set so close together as to be invulnerable to penetration
  • pressed tightly together
  • (used of persons or behavior) characterized by or indicative of lack of generosity
  • affected by scarcity and expensive to borrow
  • of textiles
  • securely or solidly fixed in place; rigid
  • (of a contest or contestants) evenly matched
  • very drunk
  • exasperatingly difficult to handle or circumvent
  • demanding strict attention to rules and procedures
  • packed closely together

tight - adverb

  • firmly or closely
  • in an attentive manner

tight - thesaurus

besotted   blotto   close   closely   cockeyed   compressed   crocked   fast   fuddled   loaded   mean   mingy   miserly   nasty   pissed   pixilated   plastered   rigorous   slopped   sloshed   smashed   soaked   soused   sozzled   squiffy   stiff   stringent   taut   wet  

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Scrabble score for tight

t is 1 i is 1 g is 2 h is 4 t is 1
Scrabble score = 9

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