stamp - noun

  • the distinctive form in which a thing is made
  • a type or class
  • a symbol that is the result of printing or engraving
  • a small adhesive token stuck on a letter or package to indicate that that postal fees have been paid
  • something that can be used as an official medium of payment
  • a small piece of adhesive paper that is put on an object to show that a government tax has been paid
  • machine consisting of a heavy bar that moves vertically for pounding or crushing ores
  • a block or die used to imprint a mark or design
  • a device incised to make an impression; used to secure a closing or to authenticate documents

  • stamp - verb

    • walk heavily
    • to mark, or produce an imprint in or on something
    • reveal clearly as having a certain character
    • affix a stamp to
    • treat or classify according to a mental stereotype
    • destroy or extinguish as if by stamping with the foot
    • form or cut out with a mold, form, or die
    • crush or grind with a heavy instrument
    • raise in a relief

    stamp - thesaurus

    boss   cast   emboss   impression   mold American English spelling   mould British English spelling   pestle   pigeonhole   postage   seal   stereotype   stomp   stump   tender  

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